Leather goods manufacturing process

All our leather goods are proudly handmade by skilled craftsmen and women, right here, in England. This process requires expert craftsmanship, patience and time.

Selecting the Leather

We use vegetable-tanned leather from Tuscan tannery Tempesti.

Selecting the Leather cover image


The leather is cut into strips which are then cut into the shape of the item being made.

Cutting cover image


To thicken the leather, two layers are glued together.

Gluing cover image


Where relevant, holes are punched, and other details are added.

Detailing cover image

Edging & painting

The leather edges are painted using a matching colour, and the edges are polished to make them smooth.

Edging & painting cover image


Using a leather embossing machine, branding and other markings are applied to the leather.

Branding cover image


The component parts are stitched together using nylon thread and special leather sewing machines known as 'flatbed'.

Stitching cover image